Legal Expertise

The Principals in CES are licensed Attorneys and have operated a real estate closing company for over 35 years in Palm Beach County, Florida.


The principals of CES have been responsible for financial transactions for more than a combined 54 years, and have been involved in excess of $500MM USD in financial transactions.

Insured & Secured

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We are a provider of first class personalized escrow services for transactions using crypto-assets as the method of payment of high value real estate, property, goods and services.
While smart-contracts and transactions managed by conditions being met on a blockchain are being developed, the technology and sophistication of these contracts is not yet up to the levels required to properly manage a complex transaction. This is where CES comes in. We are an experienced and sophisticated team which will customize, document, and execute as escrow agent for your transaction. Whether it be a multi-million dollar sale or purchase of real estate, a business, plane, boat, jewels, or other valuable property, CES has the expertise to make sure conditions are met and payment sent as intended.
We service buyers and sellers directly, as well as assist an existing closing agents or law firms in handling the crypto asset portion of their transaction.


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